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Our team brings relevant experience to the planning, management, and execution of large and complex Department of Energy (DOE) contracts including Capital Projects managed under DOE Order 413.3B requirements.

Project Controls

  • Managing, developing, and reporting Performance Measure Baselines for large-scale DOE capital and operations projects
  • Executing monthly schedule, cost analysis and reporting of performance against baseline documents
  • Integrating estimating, scheduling (P6), and cost (Cobra) systems
  • Developing performance metrics including Cost Performance Index, Schedule Performance Index, and variance metrics
  • Preparing comprehensive and monthly estimate at completion (EAC) estimates
  • Developing and implementing training and qualification programs for Control Account Managers (CAMs) and project controls personnel


  • Estimating in accordance with GAO best practices and guidelines
  • Supporting project teams in the development of monthly and annual EACs
  • Preparing estimates for FAR-based contract proposals for changes to the prime contract
  • Estimating and analyzing program life cycles
  • Developing basis of estimate documents

Baseline Management

  • Managing change control process and developing Baseline Change Proposal (BCP) documents for approval
  • Ensuring integration of approved BCPs into the Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB)
  • Ensuring alignment of contract values with the PMB

EVMS Compliance

  • Leading efforts to implement EVMS best practices and EVMS certification
  • Conducting surveillances of project practices to identify gaps and implement corrective actions
  • Performing EVMS system and procedure compliance reviews

Proposal Development Services

  • Developing FAR-based cost and technical proposals for large DOE site contracts.
  • Developing Task Order Requests for Proposal estimates; technical approaches; schedule and cost documents; WBS Dictionaries and Basis of Estimates documentation
  • Developing and evaluating Critical Decision (CD-1 through CD-4) documents for DOE Order 413.3B capital projects
  • Performing Risk Management in accordance with best practices
  • Integrating Estimating, Schedule, and Cost data

Program, Project, and Facility Management

  • Subject matter experts for program and project management of capital DOE Order 413.3B projects
  • Program and Project management leadership for the successful execution of client projects
  • Subject matter experts to conduct performance reviews for programs and projects
  • Facility management experts to ensure successful execution of operational requirements
  • Conduct of Operations advisors for ongoing operations

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